Reuse & Recycle

Remember the Re's in order of impact from greatest to least: Refuse > Reduce > Reuse (including Repair) > Recycle - see Waste Reduction for more information.

Trash & Recycling (glass, plastic, paper, metal, textiles, harzardous, more) for the Town of Hopkinton

Massachusetts law prohibits certain items from being included in the trash including recyclable paper, plastics, glass, leaves, textiles, electronics, white metal, and mattresses. Here's a summary of recycling and trash in Hopkinton:

Where you can give or get items for extended life or responsible disposal


Batteries contain precious elements that can be recycled in some cases, and in other cases may contain unsafe chemicals. Recycle them properly.

Some of these batteries can be recycled at Staples. Here are other options:

More info from the EPA

Books, CDs, DVDs

The public library or St. Paul's on Wood St. drop off bin

Can and Bottle Redemption (the ones with the $.05 or more on the label)

Christmas Trees

Are collected by Boy Scout Troop 4

Clothing - see below for Multiple Items or Textiles

Coats - seasonal collection drives

Consignment Shops

Are a great way to find used items and sell or donate them for others to use - do an online search for locations and hours

Contact Lenses

Expired or unused packs can be recycled at Hopkinton Vision Center or Hopkinton Eye Associates

Electronics Recycling or Trade-in


Donate used eyeglasses via dropboxes in town, sponsored by the Hopkinton Lions Club: see locations here

Furniture - see Multiple items, below

Garden & Lawn

Hazardous waste items must be saved and disposed of safely

Hearing aids

The Texas Hearing Institute will accept used hearing aids to use as teaching aids for demonstrations

Household items - see below for Multiple Items or for Textiles


Try donating or reselling locally first, but if you can't, return used bricks to the LEGO company

Local Online Exchanges - to get and give/sell items

Mattresses - cannot be put in the trash

Multiple Items if you have more than one type of item to disperse at once or have big, hard to dispose of items:

Packaging - foam and peanuts

Plastic Bags & Plastic Film Recycling 

Refrigerator / Freezers - Schedule a free pick up from Mass Save


Sporting Equipment

Textiles - cannot be put in the trash


The Central Mass mosquito control project will pick up tires because they collect water and serve as breeding habitats. See this page for details. It includes a link to a form to request curbside pickup. For residents only - up to 8 tires a year, not businesses.

Soda Stream CO2 Cylinders

Recycle at Staples for no cost

Toys and Stuffed Animals

Shredded Paper

Do not put shredded paper into your recycling bin - it will clog up the machinery. Options:

Yard and Rummage Sales are great places to get and to give

More info and Options


Rather than discard things that are no longer in the condition you need, try repairing them

See how your recylables are processed