The following sustainability-related events are in/near Hopkinton, and sponsored by the SGC or community organizations

See us there - Sun. Jun. 23, 1 to 5 pm, on the Common

We'll have info on composting and organic lawn and garden care, plus Mass Save can tell you about a free energy audit. We'll also be sharing about the pollinator garden projects in town. Enter our free drawing for a countertop composting bin, too!

So come get your locally-produced goods including find fresh veggies, honey, eggs, wine, flowers, crafts, and more plus live music and food trucks. Make it a weekly habit, through Oct. 13. Details at

The Town of Hopkinton is seeking input from homeowners to inform the Town’s first climate action plan. Apply now to participate in a series of three one hour focus groups. 

Approximately 10 participants will be selected based on social resilience evaluation criteria.The first focus group will be held in late June, with subsequent sessions occurring from June to October. Participants will be compensated for their time and insights. 

Apply here. Please email with any questions.

All are welcome!

Help make pollinator gardens in town - various dates in July to October

Shaurya and Suhani Patni are planting pollinator gardents at the Hughes property on Hayden Rowe and at the Pratt property on Fruit St. It's a community project to help restore native habitats and provide valuable resources for bees, birds, and more. Plus, materials will help you create your own at your home or another place.

We'll be providing a signup list and more details but save the dates for now and later, choose a time when you can help

See also current intiatives:

From Recent Events 

From "Get the Dirt on Composting" at the Library, June 2024

If you couldn't attend, visit the composting page of our website, which includes all the good dirt on composting including slides from the event and more about the current Black Earth curbside composting incentive.

Town Meeting - May 8, 7pm, Middle School

The specialized energy code PASSED by nearly a 2/3 margin.

Learn more about the specialized code at

Herbcide treatment for lake weeds - we're not fans

The Sustainble Green Committee advises against using herbicides to treat unwanted plant growth on Lake Maspenock - read the full statement here, including a list of resources to learn more.

Annual Update to the Select Board

Eco-Friendly Living in Hopkinton - a talk as part of the Women's Club speaker series by Linda Chuss from the Sustainable Green Committee

Save Energy & Money - Mass Save, Heat Pumps, and 0% Loans - Watch the Video

Make all the events you hold or attend more sustainable using these guidelines

This is a way you can increase your impact - affecting not just yourself or your own household but many people at once, who will in turn start following some of the practices in their lives too. Learn more here.

Get the Dirt on Composting event at the Library in June 2024

Many hands pitch in to plant a pollinator garden at the YMCA for Shaurya Patni's Eagle Scout project

Spreading the word about composting and native plants and organic gardening at the Hopkinton Garden Club plant sale in May 2024

Residents responsibly recycled clothing, household items, and dehumidifiers at the May 2024 recycling day

Volunteers from Faith Community Church cleaned up a very trashy spot in town - kudos!

Know Your Vote - the committee answered questions about the Specialized Energy Code in advance of Town Meeting

Residents volunteered to help clean up litter on a cold day in April, before the marathon. Photo by John Cardillo from the Hopkinton Independent.

The Town held a Climate Action Plan Workshop in April, where residents could learn, ask questions, and provide input

Farmers Market July 2023

Recycling Drive June 2023

Garden Club Plant Sale

Repair Cafe - Apr 2023

HCA Sustainability Summit - Nov 2022

Women's Club Climate Change Talk - Oct 2022

Regional EV Expo - Oct 2022

Green Team Junk Removal - Sep 2022

Lion's Club Repair Cafe at Senior Center - Sep 2022

Polyarts - Sep 2022

Hop 101 - May 2022

Mon. Apr. 29, 7 to 8:30pm - eHop - Learn about the specialized code and more

Watch or attend in person at HCAM studos to hear more about or ask about the specialized code and other topics at the eHop know your vote event - details here