Starting May 28, 2024

To encourage residents to compost and thereby reduce greenhouse gas emissions and costs, Hopkinton is offering a free bin and starter pack of bin liners for residents who sign up for the Black Earth composting pickup service.

Pickup options and pricing, and the link to sign up are here: The free 13-gallon bin and liners will be included in your order at no cost.

See the press release.

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This is a PDF file of the presentation presented at the library about composting in Hopkinton.

Why Compost?

Ways to Compost

The main ways to compost in Hopkinton

One type of home compost tumbler - no assembly required - 2 bins, plus a compost "tea" collector underneath

One way to have compost piles in the backyard - you can instead use covered wire containers or holes in the ground

Collection bin that gets picked up weekly by Black Earth

What finished compost looks like

What to Compost at Home

Students start a composting progam at the High School

This is a great win for the school, but also for the town. Great job, students! The Independent has a good article about it.

What an inspiration to all the rest of us!