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Cleaner Energy for Your Home or Business - Overall

Green Energy Consumers provides helpful information about solar and other options for having your home or business electricity be greener (use less carbon emitting sources like oil or natural gas)

Did you know? There are two parts to your electricity cost? Look at your electric bill to see it.

Homes and businesses that want to use greener energy than the minimum mandated can install solar panels or can purchase greener energy from a different supplier than Eversource. In either case, Eversource will still be the company that provides delivery.

Using greener energy is critical to reducing carbon emissions so consider one of these options now.

Both options can save you money too. There are some incentives for installing solar panels.

Coming to Hopkinton in 2024 to 2025 (fingers crossed) - Municipal Aggregation


Learn about Solar options including the Energy Sage tool to help you get quotes for your home

Testimonials - See what your neighbors are saying about their solar panels and how much they've saved:

If you are looking into solar ... Review the warranty - technology is changing quickly. Some people who bought panels 10 years ago cannot get them replaced when they fail now because those panels are no longer manufactured and new panels are not compatible with the older system. Failure rates are low, but be aware of this concern and see what protections or reimbursements the options you are considering can offer you.

Alternatives to Solar

If you can't use solar consider green electricity sourcing through alternative suppliers: