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Mass Save is the best place to start when looking at energy savings in your home or business:

Mass Save - energy audits and financial incentives

Mass Save is a program offered by the state that provides incentives to residences, businesses, and municipalities to reduce energy use. It includes an assessment, discounts, and rebates, and results in lower energy costs for you.

Investing in your house or facility  means LOWER energy costs, a LOWER carbon footprint, and HIGHER home value.

What your neighbors are saying about Mass Save

"Two things I liked the most about the MassSave are 1) the knowledgeable energy inspector - he walked through the process and gave a detailed plan to improve insulation of my house. 2) The MassSave contractor partner that I chose was great, professional, on-time, and did a great job insulating my attic and garage."

David Z, School St, Hopkinton MA - see full testimonial here

"We ended up getting about $2600 of work done for $200" - 

Nicole Simpson, Hopkinton MA - see full testimonial here (see Mass Save in the contents)

"The assessment technician from HomeWorks was respectful and knowledgeable. To reduce our energy consumption, he suggested that we do the following (we did all of them):

COST TO US: The thermostats and installation were free to us

COST TO US: Free to us

COST TO US: Mass Save covered 75% of our costs, so we paid 25%"

Christine Coffman, Hopkinton MA - see full testimonial here