Hopkinton Sustainable Green Committee

Help and learn - Pollinator Gardens: a crucial habitat!

Mon. Jul. 22 - 5 to 7:30pm at Hughes; Celebration at 7:30 - sign up HERE

Wed. Jul. 24 - 5 to 8pm at Pratt Field - sign up HERE

Thu. Jul. 26 - Rain date

July to October - watering at Huges & Pratt - use the above signup links to choose your date

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Hopkinton residents often ask what sustainable practices they should follow - this page introduces what will have the most impact and provides links to help you do them.

You can't do all of them right now but you can do a few, and then work on the rest. Some have no cost, some will save you money in the near term, and all will save you money in the longer term, plus there are incentives to help you.

This website is intended to be the one-stop spot for all your local sustainability needs. It's a work-in-progress and is updated regularly. We welcome your input, too!

See what others in town are doing - they've earned green stars - and let us know about your efforts.

The mission of the Hopkinton Sustainable Green Committee is to promote sustainable and environmentally responsible practices in the Town of Hopkinton. The Committee will assist town government, business and residents to implement sustainable policies and practices in the areas of energy, agriculture, conservation and commerce. The Committee will increase the public's awareness of important environmental issues through education and outreach. By fostering environmentally friendly practices in Hopkinton, the Committee aims to enhance the quality of life for our residents, visitors and future generations.

The Committee was established in 2008 to assist the Town in developing cost effective, sustainable practices that will aid town government, existing and future business, and residents. The Committee reorganized in 2020 with renewed energy and focus. Some of current focus areas include:

We look forward to working with the town, businesses, and residents to promote sustainability throughout Hopkinton. To find out more, use this website and the resources on it. We also welcome your input - see Your Participation for details.